Sherrod Brown Meltdown – Obamacare

Sherrod Brown Meltdown During Radio Interview on Repealing Obamacare

During a radio interview yesterday, Sherrod Brown had a total meltdown when faced with facts about Obamacare. During the interview, he angrily defended President Obama’s “lie of the year” and Nancy Pelosi. He also reluctantly admitted health care costs have gone up under Obamacare, but it’s young people’s fault.

Brown Admitted “Of Course” Healthcare Costs Have Gone up Under Obamacare
HOST: “But haven’t insurance costs spiked.” BROWN: “No, one of the ways.” HOST: “Hold on finish the statement are you going to tell me that insurance costs have not gone up.” BROWN: “Well, of course they’ve gone up. ” (WTAM 1100, 3/9/17)


Brown Defended President Obama’s “Lie of the Year” that Claimed if You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor
HOST: You gotta start somewhere though. When this thing was passed, I was told it’d save me $2,500, I was told I could keep my Doctor. None of that has worked out, ask anybody in medicine, this thing hasn’t worked.
BROWN: ..Uh..Wrong! I don’t know what you were personally told…You can come up with your anecdotes, I know the mail I get…the President erred when he said that…most people did keep their doctor.

Brown Advocated to Increase Penalties on Youth who Currently Haven’t Signed Up for Insurance Under Obamacare
BROWN: “The main reason for that is that we have not been able to attract enough young healthy people into the insurance pool to keep costs under control.” HOST: “How do we change that? How do we get younger people in?” BROWN: “…Maybe you increase the penalty if they don’t buy insurance so that they get in the pool.” (WTAM 1100, 3/9/17)

Brown Said that He Prefers to Replace Obamacare with Medicare-For-All, a Single-Payer System
BROWN: “I would rather like to see Medicare for all. I think that is the best way to cover everybody.” (WTAM 1100, 3/9/17)

Brown Defended Pelosi’s 2010 Remarks, that “We Have to Pass the Bill So You Can Find Out What’s in it….”
HOST: “Wasn’t Nancy Pelosi the one that said that we have to pass it to see what is in it?” BROWN: ” I knew you would go back to that. It was taken out of context. That’s fine.” HOST: “What did she say then?” BROWN: “The whole statement was that… you are going to have to go back and look at all the details… Say she said it exactly as you say. Criticize her but criticize this crowd now who has jammed this bill without anybody reading it. Go ahead, say it.” (WTAM 1100, 3/9/17)

After the Pelosi Exchange, the Host Ended the Call when Brown Became More Angry
BROWN: “Well you are sometimes depending on what letter is after their name whether it is a D or an R. I mean really.”
HOST: “Well I appreciate your time. I’ve got to run. Thank you.” HOST: “Senator Sherrod Brown, I thought that we always had a good relationship and I try to go back and forth and get equal complains but evidently he does not think that way.” (WTAM 1100, 3/9/17)

Here is the full interview: